SJS Group plans to be completely carbon neutral by 2030.

sustainable timber pallets
FSC timber pallets
solar powered pallet factory
effciently designed pallets
rainwater harvesting
  • SJS has a tree planting initiative within the grounds that runs parallel to our facility. To date we've planted 3 acres of new trees and we're on schedule to meet our goal of 20 acres by 2030.

  • Our timber is always sourced from sustainable FSC certified sources. We've been proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council for over a decade.

  • Permission granted for 250kw solar power roof panels. To be installed and operational by end of 2024.

  • Our industry leading design software leads to less CO2 wastage from excess engineering. Helping us to produce products for our clients as efficiently as possible.

  • Our facility has a rainwater harvesting system (supplying 100% of our water requirements) and is heated with a biomass boiler system.